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Close Ups (Stephen Cummings)1 - Unnamed


"Stephen Cummings remains one of this country's finest songwriters. For two decades he has turned out a slew of impressive solo albums. Prior to that he earned his stripes as frontman with legendary Melbourne outfit The Sports. Along the way they scored a US hit with "Who Listens To The Radio" and, alongside Elvis Costello, were signed to UK label, Stiff. 

Here Cummings takes a rare look over his shoulder to record fourteen tunes from his back catalogue in an acoustic setting. Alongside guitarist Shane O'Mara, vocalist Rebecca Barnard and an uncluttered rhythm section, Cummings turns in stellar versions of Sports' favourites "How Come", "Suspicious Minds", "Strangers On A Train" and the Latin fused "Twist Senorita". "Who Listens To The Radio" has been given a Cornershop groove. 

A smattering of solo favourites include "Fell From A Great Height", "She Set Fire To The House" and "Carrying A Torch For You". Anyone that writes a line like "you spend my love like loose change in the city rush hour" deserves to be part of your CD collection. Terrific stuff."               

4.5 Stars out of 5 by Sean Sennett - Time Off


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