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Escapist (Stephen Cummings)1 - Unnamed


"Veteran of Australian rock, roll, pop and soul. The man behind the hookline "I feel better now" in all those Medibank Private ads. The man who once sung rhetorically, Who Listens To The Radio? and may well regret it now that most paranoid pony tailed pig-headed programmers seem to have taken offense in opting not to play his solo material, when it really deserves to be aired for all to hear. 

Cummings' compositions, in particular most of them on this, his ninth album, are awe-inspiring with their lyrical themes often found to be down in the dumps, but their musical themes as celestial as an endless bright blue sky. 


Thanks to the productive hand of Steve Kilbey, the eloquent arrangements on ethereal tracks like Midnight In America, You're A Dream and Taken by Surprise can't help to remind the listener of those holy Church days where Under The Milky Way was a soothing alternative soundtrack to a generation of Aussie rock music listeners tired of the old heavy metal formula. 

May the soothing vibes continue on your tenth epic LP, Mr Cummings." 

9 out of 10 by Antonino Tati - Beat magazine, 28/8/96-3/9/96


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