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Happiest Man Alive (Stephen Cummings)1 - Unnamed

CUMMINGS looks terrific for a 54-year-old musician with over twenty albums to his credit. Once upon a time CUMMINGS seemed nervous, these days he gives a good impression of someone who enjoys his life. Presumably, that’s what the album title is about.

A part of the CUMMINGS legend has always been his indifference to fame. Stephen CUMMINGS is a cult artist and his cult is becoming bigger as the kids check him out: "I don’t think I know anyone on earth that I really consider understands me whatsoever, apart from my girlfriend.” What sets Stephen CUMMINGS apart from the rest of the singer songwriters is a kind of self-demystification. CUMMINGS comments on Happiest Man Alive: "I think it’s my best record yet. We recorded it live in the studio in two days, and then mixed it in a day. There are hand claps, Gibson guitars, literary illusion, songs about fucking and great artists and how modern society is all about forgetting."

The songs cannot be faulted: close your eyes as the band play these lovely majestic, nay classic pop songs. Laughter, like sex and eating is an absolutely universal human phenomenon.

Happiest Man Alive captures this perfectly.


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