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Live At Red Devil Fields 2002 (Stephen Cummings)2 - Cover_LiveAt Red Devil

A live acoustic set with Shane O'Mara, recorded at Byron Bay, Easter 2002. First released as Live 2002 in April 2003. 

"It was a hot warm afternoon and I had driven for three days in an RV through floods and lthe like to get to Byron Bay for the Easter Festival. It was a magical 73 minute set in the big tent before Steve Earle.

Shane O'Mara contrived a wall of sound from one guitar and though I was scared to death, I hung on for the ride. Everything was darker and heavier than you thought. Let me state for the record that when we arrived at the end of the set we were both exhausted. The audience danced madly. They looked like listless pink flamingoes.

Our buddy Adam Rhodes recorded it. This music is live and raw and emotional. No overdubs! We don't have a problem with that. Never..."



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