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1 - UnnamedPuppet Pauper Pirate Poet Pawn and King

(Stephen Cummings)


"Despite relative anonymity and an absence from the charts (1984's "Gymnasium" is the sole exception),

 Cummings has produced an outstanding body of work that, in its maturity, style and consistency, is unique in Australian popular music. 

This "Best Of" compilation covers more than a decade of solo work, but also includes three new songs. The material ranges from the aching and fragile beauty of "I Fell From a Great Height" (a song loved by Toni Childs, for what that's worth) to the almost psychedelic reverie of "Sometimes" and the country-tinged "When Love Comes Back to Haunt You". 

A late-night, melancholia pervades many of the tunes; a quiet desperation reminiscent of painter Edward Hopper's depictions of people on the fringe of urban life. Not that Cummings' songs are depressing, it's more that his mapping of the human heart is so honest; the small details of relationships are perceptively, if brutally, observed."

Review by Peter Jordan - The Sydney Morning Herald CitySearch, December 1997


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