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Reverse Psychology (Stephen Cummings) 1 - Unnamed

Singer-songwriter Stephen Cummings is arguably the most consistent recording artist in Australia.

Don’t miss hearing Stephen’s latest recording REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY, it takes us further into the subversive witty loud universe of Stephen Cummings.

Cummings utilises his witty lyricism and gracefulness to full affect within these songs. This is a strong, soulful, pop album. His distinctive voice and style are addictive. His vocal phrasing, stunning. YET, inexplicably, his best-known tune is Medibanks ‘I feel better now’ anthem!

While many of his peers are content to live off past glories, Stephen Cummings has moved eternally forward, having recorded 24 albums and two novels published as well as a brazen memoir.

Look out! It is rumoured that Stephen will begin to wind down the recording side to focus on live shows and writing. REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY, the album is out Feb 17.

A Head Records Recording.


Stupidity by Head Records


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